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August 22, 2008


Mark Widawer

No matter how bad advertising in your part of the world may be, what Seth is proposing is NOT the answer.
He's asking the advertiser to leave a tip, even though it's the reader who's doing the 'appreciating'.
Not quite right. I've written LOTS more about this, in response to Seth, on my own blog here:

Keep the faith, provide value, and do the right thing. LEGITIMATE Ad revenues will come.

--Mark Widawer

Greg Melton

How about CPD (cost per duration) as a viable alternative to CPC, CPA, CPM? We've developed a widget which allows anyone to sponsor your content. This can be used in the exact same way as Seth is talking about. If you'd like to tip a site then upload an image and set an amount. Your sponsor runs for 30-days and there is no click-fraud with our system. Everyone wins. The publisher gets an alternative revenue stream and the sponsor receive promotion, unlimited impressions, and possible click-thrus for 30-days. Great thread!

Chris Kieff

I've posted a blog about this issue with Seth's suggestion. http://www.1goodreason.com/blog/2008/08/27/the-flurry-around-seths-ads-tip-jar-meme/

I also discuss the Trackbacks not working on Seth's blog. I included a trackback on my blog to this post.
Did you not receive the trackback? I'm trying to troubleshoot this issue. Any help you can give me in identifying the problem is helpful.

Cem Sertoglu

I did not receive the trackback from your blog.


I don't remember which book, but I do believe I got the idea from Seth awhile back. I've added an "End Post/Click an ad" tag at the end of each post very similar to what is posted.

In this case, the relevance of the ad is not important - it comes down to just great content of the post. If the reader liked the post, he clicks on the ad, and the advertiser leaves a tip to the publisher.

Before adding this end tag, ad clicks didn't happen. Upon adding the tag, I saw immediate response.

As far as payment though, it still comes down to how much the click of the ad is really worth, which is hit or miss. Am I defrauding the advertiser? I think not when you look at the actual cut the advertiser takes.

The question remains, would the reader still click on the ad had I not asked them to? Then the relevance of the ad truly comes into play.

Chris Peters

I think that links are the online tip jar:


It doesn't cost anyone anything, yet it transfers value to the site that you enjoy.

Article Writing Philip

Well I have to agree with what Seth says. People create the Blogs and they provide the content. If the advertiser is going to subscribe to a pay per click advertising campaign they have to be prepared for those potential activities. I know of this and its why I don't use click based ads,I just stay organic, by doing this you will have less headaches. It may be more work but..?

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