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September 29, 2009



1$ introduces many angles.

The 1$ amount is more or less immaterial. Because the real disincentive

- for casual user, will come from setting up the whole payment procedure, not from the 1$ micro payment. (Providing CC data, trust relationship, Craigslist probably is not a trusted entity in people's minds)
-for the illegitimate user, will come from the authentication process that forces one to reveal his true identity
-for legitimate but heavy user, will come from the cost vs. value of CL brings to the table.

So, one could guess, number of causal and illegitimate users along with spammers will come down.

Will this improve the user experience? I think not, because anonymity is a big asset of CL and this will more or less disappear.



Using Craigslist as a place for employment is pure mediocrity.In an era where we have the ability to speak to almost anyone, why do we still write emails to anonymous email addresses?

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