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February 21, 2006


Alp Güneysel

if you look at the screenshot of "Attensity Discover" (@ http://www.attensity.com/www/pics/products/discover_screen_shot.gif) the first thing you will notice is the use of onthology. there is no onthology database (at least public and in a way complete) in turkish AFAIK, and this is the barrier that all of the software discussed in this article won't be useful to turkish companies.

Btw, i think that managing your own information is more important than the hidden web for most of the users. i'm expecting innovations happen in this area more than indexing the hidden web. (google search history, gtalk message history in gmail, del.icio.us, flicker etc...)

Alp Güneysel



Without going into the technicalities of Semantic Web or Ontologies, I want to stress that even if you do classify all the worlds information and make it machine readable, the problem is still there, an overabundance of data/information and the limited attention span we have (no wonder many people are starting to get ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder) to go through all that info. And I am not talking about managing your own personal information per se, because if you know what digital files you have (whether it be videos, images, pdfs, ppts, html, text and so on) and have been through those beforehand, it will be much easier for you to search them (the ability to search all types of media is being developed, and in the meantime using Google/Yahoo desktop search or stuff like your mention of tagging is helpful too), and if you can't, you can always do it the old way - brute forcing your mental capacity to remember where you last saw a certain dialogue in a movie or a "phrontistery" (www.phrontistery.info) in a text document. The issue is quite larger than that, because from what I have read and seen these last couple of years is that had the US political leadership known about, say, the effects of storm surge breaching the levee system before Katrina happened, they would have invested in the infrastructure and be prepared for the disaster. Or take the case of the attacks on twin towers on 9/11, there were many reports in intelligence circles about a possible attack (now we are finding out!!), but no one bothered to read or look at them. Same can be said about a corporation investing thousands of dollars on in a certain industry only to find out that they were too late in the game, because the decision makers were uninformed of a certain tool or technology. The information is out there, it's only these information inefficiencies/overabundance that's causing all the trouble ;)

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