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June 07, 2007


Andy Shaindlin

I wonder if this is similar to alumni organizations that are very focused on their closed, proprietary networks online. They risk ignoring the independent, third-party platforms that (though stupid in some sense) comprise individuals who connect each network's members to other networks in turn. Instead of "pushing IP packets around" they are pushing connections between members (nodes). This lets the overlapping external networks behave as if they were smarter than they really are!

Ali Alpay

Could you define what you mean by intelligence layer, and what you mean by stupid layer, as both of those can really be stretched to mean different technical implementations? One cannot blame the telcos for UU land-grab when there is so much copy-paste innovation going on (http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/05/14/web-2-in-germany-copy-paste-innovation-or-more/). After all what makes Yonja more than a localized Friendster? By the way, is Mondus a localized Facebook?


Mondus is a bad social networking site.
Yonja is not a social but a sexual networking site.
More careful please.

Cem Sertoglu

Interesting analogy for the human network.

What I mean is that networks should be just that, nodes and connections, and should act as a platform for applications, where the intelligence (or rules) reside. In a technology sense, the network is the Internet. In a people sense, we don't know what the network will be. The identity/presence rlated "stupid network", in my opinion, has yet to emerge. Facebook is making a strong push, though. Yonja, I think, is now a major Turkish medium which has grown with the FOAF model. Mondus, strongly inspired by Facebook, is venturing to create social layer for Turkish internet.

If you'd care to elaborate more, I'd attempt a reply.


who needs a reply?
the eye and mind see everything.
good luck then.

Ali Alpay

That makes sense. In execution however, especially for a financially constrained start-up, it gets pretty difficult to separate the backend from the front UX. For example, for Mondus to be truly "stupid," it would have to go into the real nuts and bots of the platform (such as Facebook's APIs, Microsoft's ABCH, or AffinityEngine's turn-key solutions), eschew the smart facade, and private-label its offering to the telcos. It is hard to do that sell when you have to consider a run-rate and some aspiration for a PoC; and that PoC ends up being the most common applications built on top of the stupid layer. A lot of players therefore go from "building the layer" positions to vertical specialists. A lot of great coffee topics here. I am disappointed that my Istanbul trip got delayed yet again to this winter, as I have to go to Asia for business now. I'd love to meet face-to-face someday and get into it ;) Very excited to see some of these developments back in the 'anavatan'

Ekim Kaya

My registration attempt to patlican was a complete failure. They sent my cellphone an short message containing a password which i submitted to the registration form. I was then taken to another form with registration details. No restrictions for the password format were mentioned, so i chose a 4-digit one. Then i happened to realize that it should have contained at least 6 characters. Now the process won't end because i keep getting an annoying "please fill out all required fields" although i have done so.

I wonder how those guys can launch and promote such a huge project before completing a proper test process. Although i couldn't manage to register the website, i'm afraid they'll still be sending unsolicited short messages as no membership agreement exists to protect my privacy.

Ekim Kaya

Take a good look at this tragedy right here:


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