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February 04, 2008


O Unsal

I ditto the sentiment on GOOG being a great buy now.

While I acknowledge your long term thinking (unfortunately in the long run we all die), there is also a short term catalyst on Google.

They missed their last earnings by a penny. How can a company the size of Google miss it by a penny? A penny can come out of where the sun don't shine for Google and unless they wanted to miss it by penny, they would have never.

Incidentally a lot of employee option strike price negotiations are probably happening these days, so GOOG "not meeting expectations" with the stock price tanking accordingly cannot really be a bad thing.

So when GOOG beats estimates by a "large" margin during the next earnings call, it can go back to $700. No harm, no foul. Except for retail traders whose continous greed/fear pendulum leaves 90% of the species in loss day after day.

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